Sunday, July 26, 2009

Vinyl Types

There are basically 2 types of self adhesive vinyl. Calendered vinyl is 3 mill +/- in thickness and has a "real" outdoor life of 4-5 years. The other type of vinyl aka "film" is cast vinyl. Cast vinyl is 2 mill in thickness and has a longer outdoor life because it is much more stable and can withstand ultraviolet light much better. Because of the pliability of cast vinyl it works well with compound curves that are common on vehicles.

Most vinyl (films) being sold for the hobby machines are calendered vinyls. The cricut vinyl brand being used is Oracal series 631. This vinyl is well suited for indoor use but is very limited for outside use. Oracal is a great vinyl company but it should be noted that this series is one of the least expensive "pigmented" vinyls on the market today. When retailers and others proclaim that the vinyl is actual Cricut vinyl, they are correct. The concern is that this vinyl is superior to what others are selling.

We sell General Formulations vinyl which is also a calendered vinyl but designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Our vinyl would compare to Oracal 651 series ( which is 2 series higher than what is standard for the cricut machines).

We also sell the metallic series vinyl which is 2 mill cast vinyl with a outdoor life of 5-7 years. this vinyl is much deeper in color and a bit more pliable. the thickness is also less as is all cast vinyls.

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